Donald Trump is unquestionably the most polarizing figure in America right now, and with good reason, he’s a maniac. Trump has said everything to please people that believe they’re losing their country. Just saying some of these crazy things are bad enough, however what’s worse is that Donald has literally been on the polar opposite side of these issues in the recent past.

A video posted last month titled ‘Trump Exposes Trump’ has been making it’s way around the net this week. It’s a five minute montage of footage of Trump literally contracting everything that he currently stands for. Abortion, immigration, cursing and even Hilary’s political career. According to

“it gets really thorny when he references Hillary Clinton. Despite his now well-worn rhetoric of Hillary being ‘crooked’ and ‘a criminal,’ in the very recent past Trump referred to her as “talented” and having gone ‘above and beyond most’ in her time as Secretary of State.”

It’s funny how the Republican party is being headed by a candidate that is such a flip flopper after they crucified Jon Kerry for changing his mind to a far lesser degree.

While this video will make you laugh it should also scare you. While Trump probably isn’t going to win the election, the fact that he represents millions of Americans is a problem. And that problem will still be there when he’s gone.