Joe Budden has been beefing with Drake over the last few weeks, and Drake fans decided to do something about it. A couple of fans ran up on Joe in his driveway which sent him over the edge as he started to the chase after them.

Here’s the video of them approaching Joe in the driveway:


After getting incredibly pissed Budden’s chase’s after them, filming his own account of the chase.


Once Joe catches up to the kids is where the hilarity ensues. There’s just something extremely funny about a self proclaimed gangster attacking somebody’s cars with rocks. And while the driver of the car backs down a bit and starts to apologize, the kid filming had “zero chill” yelling “follow me on twitter” even as Joe threatens to kill them.


Aside from the humor of the original videos, the great place that we call the internet created serious laugh out loud memes of the incident. Check them out below.