The dating game often seems like an art that some men are just naturally more gifted at than others. However, many men would be surprised to know that there’s tons of things that they can do to boost their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Scientist have longed studied what makes women attracted to men, and some of it is not as arbitrary as you think. It isn’t called the law  of attraction for nothing. Here’s what the science says about being the most attractive guy in the room.


 Grow Some Stubble

Growing a beard can greatly increase your chances with women says a study done last year. The study asked 8,520 straight women to rank photos of men with a clean shave, 10 days of stubble, 14 days of stubble, and a minimum of 14 weeks of untrimmed beard.

The results showed that “heavy stubble” ranked as the most attractive amongst the women. However it should be noted that a full beard ranked highest for long term relationship potential.

So if you’re looking for a fling, go heavy stubble. If you’re ready to settle down go full on beard.

Be Nice To Kids

Being nice to kids is something we should fundamentally all do. But sometimes when you’re single and not thinking about starting a family, you can forget to pay the children around you attention. However this kind of behavior can be detrimental to your attractiveness to women.

According to a study women are three times likely to give out their numbers to men that positively interact with babies.

Women liking men who are kid friendly may also be evolutionary. The logic is that if you’re nice to kids now you’re more likely to be willing to a good father in the future, which in turn makes you a more selectable sex partner in the present.


 Roll With A Crew


Travel in a pack. When the goal is attract the opposite sex, make sure to bring your entourage. Women actually rate men in groups higher than the solo guy in the corner according to a University of California San Diego study.

The study also recognize that women tend to take an average of the attractiveness of the group and apply that to all individuals. That means even the least attractive guy in the crew can still pull a hottie if the rest of the gang is carrying it’s attractiveness  weight.


 Get/Borrow A Dog

While you’re off being nice to kids don’t forget dogs as well. In a study that surveyed random women on women viewed men that were nice to dogs two times more favorably.

The theory is that men with dogs are viewed as more responsible which makes them score higher to females as potential mates.


Be Altruistic

Women rated men higher when they appeared to be charitable. Not only did women find altruistic men more desirable, they did so even when they thought the man was less physically attractive than others. The reason for this is that men perceived to be kind are thought to be better potential fathers in the long.

However, it should be noted that women made these associations to men for long term relationships. For term “flings” and one-night stands, being too kind appeared to be a disadvantage.


 Make A Funny

You’ve probably heard it a million times: “if you want to impress a woman, make her laugh.” While this may seem cliche, it’s repeated numerous times because it’s true.

Women are more attracted to men who they deem funny, especially for short term relationships. According to this study, a main reason for this is that a sense of humor has a high correlation to intelligence. And intelligence is a evolutionary marker for good genes which in turn makes you a good mate.


 Smile Moderatley

Smiling makes you seem like an all around good person. Flashing a moderate smile is key so that you don’t seem too goofy. According to The Association of Psychological Science:

“For its part, science has identified part of the reason for a great smile’s allure. A recent fMRI study found that viewing attractive faces activated the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex, a region involved in processing sensory rewards.”


Get A Creative Hobby

Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, painting, or writing a book, being creative ranks high for attractiveness for women. That’s why so many guys have taken guitar lessons over the years.


 Workout To Look Strong and Cut

This again boils down to our evolutionary cues. Being in shape and looking lean sends a signal to women that you’re strong enough to defend them and your flat stomach also says something about your genes.

However, you should know there’s also a limit to amount of muscle you want to pack on. While looking strong is important, being too jacked signals that you may be too dominant and could be a turn off.


Touch Her Arm

Body language and touch are all important elements in the art of attractions. So much so that researchers determined that a woman is eight times more likely to give out her number if you gently touch her on the arm for two to three seconds.

The researchers think that the gentle touch on the arm indicates dominance which is associated with increased attractiveness.

So next time you’re chatting a girl up go ahead and give her a gentle touch on the arm.