Most people do not know that there are special shoes for weightlifting. Most importantly they do not understand the effects of doing exercises in your regular running shoes.

This article seeks to take you through the benefits and reviews of some of the top-rated weightlifting shoes on the market right now.

Why weightlifting shoes over regular running shoes

Increased Force Production

The primary objective you are trying to achieve with weight training is efficient force production. Force is measured as mass times acceleration (F=ma). Weight is a natural force where the mass of an object is being affected by gravity. So in order to move weight (or should we say mass) against gravity efficiently, we need to be able to produce force against the object we want to move.

The problem with running shoes in a weightlifting scenario is that running shoes provide too much cushion. When we’re trying to generate force from the ground, running shoes compress and absorb some of the force, therefore, making the lift inefficient. Think about trying to squat on a bed and how unstable it would be, essentially this is what you’re doing when you lift in running shoes. Instead what you want from a shoe is one that has an incompressible sole so that you can create the most force from your feet.

Raised Heel

Weightlifting shoes also have a higher heel that enables you to squat deeper because of increased ankle range of motion. The first time you squat in a pair of good weightlifting shoes you’ll instantly notice the difference. When I finally got a pair of Adidas Adipowers, I was blown away by how much better my squat felt. And the incompressible sole made almost all my lifts feel better.


Running shoes are also designed to assist you in moving forward, so they offer no stability. Just like you wouldn’t want to wear running shoes to play basketball, the lack of stability also applies to weightlifting. Most weightlifting shoes have a midfoot strap to lock your feet down and ensure they’re stable during exercise.

How to choose the best weightlifting shoes


It is wise to get a sturdy mid-priced shoe since you need a shoe that can perform and one that will allow you to upgrade soon enough. Unless you are on a tight budget, it is crucial to get a good shoe, and it will definitely come at a price.

Shoe sole

The harder the sole, the more stable you get lifting weights. The heel should also be raised to ensure that you can squat as deep to give you power in your lift. The sole should also be flexible to help you deal with a wide range of lifting exercises.

Durability and material

Shoes are mainly made from synthetic materials, and you need to make sure your shoe is strong enough to withstand any pressure. The material should also be comfortable to ensure that you do not get injured during weightlifting. Some weightlifting shoes are only efficient for lifting thus it is vital to ensure that you get multipurpose shoes.

Benefits of weightlifting shoes

Increased Stability

Most good weighlifting shoes have mid-foot straps for stability when lifting weights. These straps help to lock you foot down and prevent it from moving around when you lift. This is really beneficial during a squat when you’re trying to push your knees out.

They have a solid base to help you maintain stability while lifting weights. As mentioned above, this solid base will enable you to push more weight in more effiecient manner.

Better Squats

They have an elevated heel to help you make deeper squats thus activating your quads. An elevated heel increases your ankle range of motion enabling you to go lower when squatting thus putting pressure on your muscles.

Foot Protection

Some people will advocate for training barefoot. The basis for this being that it is more natural and that your feet are in direct contact with the ground for maximum force production. However, just like all shoes, one major purpose of your training shoes is to protect your feet from the envirionment. And the gym has many hazardous things (weights, barbells, pins, etc.) that you’ll want to protect your precious feet from.


Adidas Adipowers

Whether you are just starting off in weightlifting or have been doing it for years, you need a shoe with a perfect fit and stable base. One good option for you would be the Adidas Adipowers.

These lightweights made from high-quality leather and have a TPU midsole strap for the perfect foothold. They are easy to carry, and the midsole offers extra support by firmly fastening your foot in the shoe to avoid wobbling. A wobbly shoe not only affects your stability but it can also cause permanent damage to your foot due to the continued strain.

They come in a slim fit to ensure more hold for your feet. The slim fit provides maximum grip and tightness on your foot to also prevent wobbling. However, this feature might not be suitable for people with wider feet.

The shoe has a rigid solid sole that increases your stability and comfort. The TPU sole is incompressible keeping you at the same level on both feet ensuring total support and giving you reinforced strength from the ground. The sole is also crucial in preventing injury caused by an unstable shoe.

The Adipowers also have vent openings on the outsole for increased comfort. The vent openings make the shoe breathable and flexible making you more comfortable and cool.

The shoes have a heel lift of 20.1 millimeters and a heel height of 33.4milimeters which are injected with polymers for more strength. The Adidas Adipowers have a heel overlay for added stability. The elevated heel increases the ankle range of motion enabling you to squat even deeper for optimal exercising using the shoe. This increases the strength that you get from the ground for lifting your weights. This solid heel is sturdy enough to last long and incompressible ensuring your foot is protected or longer. The heel overlay increases the stability of the Adipowers giving you maximum strength.

  • They are stable enough giving you stability in your lifts
  • They can be used for a wide range of exercises not only lifting
  • They are narrow which makes them a perfect fit as they hold your foot firmly for more stability
  • They are not heavy hence do not strain the weightlifter
  • Premium Price
  • They are made for people with thin feet making them tight for users with wide feet

Nike Romaleo 3

This power shoe allows for interchangeable insoles that will enable you to choose what is comfortable for you to support your needs depending on your workout! How cool is that?

The shoe is made from synthetic material and has a 20-millimeter high TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) heel that is resistant to abrasions, lightweight, and non-compressible. The TPU sole enables you to squat as deep as you can generating power from the ground to push that weight up. It is very light making movement and handling easier. Since they are not heavy, it is easier to perform your movements, and you strain less when lifting weights. The firm base enables you to land safely on one level for both feet increasing the strength you exert from the ground.

The Romaleo 3 is an upgrade from the previous Romaleo 2. The upgrades include the addition of a flywire material to reduce weight and increase flexibility. The flywire material not only lightens the shoe but it also makes it look excellent and breathable. The shoe also replaced the two straps with one strap across the middle for maximum hold.

  • It gives you greater support with the TPU heel
  • They have a flexible flywire material for maximum comfort and strength
  • Allow for interchanging of soles; you can choose a soft or firm sole depending on your needs
  • It has a lightweight construction for easy handling
  • The shoe is wide and therefore finding a good fit can be hard. However, it has straps to hold your foot in place when working out.
  • Premium price

Adidas Powerlift

Are you on a budget and you need an excellent weightlifting shoe? The Adidas Powerlift is here for you. Made from high-quality synthetic leather and reinforced with breathable material, these shoes are ideal for smaller lifting workouts offering great protection for your feet and increasing your stability. This shoe is wide sized for better comfort and has an instep strap for added support.

The shoe has a high-density die-cut midsole wedge for lightweight stability. The wedge is made explicitly for weightlifting due to its flat profile outsole. It has a high-density 15 millimeter EVA heel for stability during lifting and has a wide strap for maximum hold compared to previous models which had thinner single straps.

  • They have an excellent hybrid design with a 15milimeter heel and are lightweight making movement and lifting easier
  • It is quite affordable
  • The shoe is breathable due to its lightweight leather mesh
  • Made from high-quality material making it durable and stable
  • Smaller heel lift not desirable for squats, but makes it a better overall shoe.
  • The EVA is durable but is not resistant to abrasions when used with weighty loads

Reebok Legacy Lifters

The heel of this shoe is made of TPU which offers optimal squatting abilities. It has an excellent forefoot flex feature that ensures that your legs can move naturally to give you perfect fit. The shoe has a fantastic insole cushion to provide you with maximum comfort and straps for that tight hold.

These shoes are made from a durable synthetic and breathable material for optimal performance and have a sturdy TPU heel resistant to abrasions. They weigh 1.4 pounds which makes them slightly heavier than other weightlifting shoes on the market.

This shoe is quite efficient with a heel 22milimeters high that provide for better squatting, jerking, and snatching. The heel width is 82milimeters which gives a wide area for support. The broad base has a heel cup that ensures the ankle and foot stay in place during lifting.

  • They have strong TPU heels
  • It has a double strap for enhanced fit
  • The shoes have a fantastic leather finish that is strong and beautiful
  • Premium price
  • The shoe is relatively heavy

The winner of the best weightlifting shoes roundup is the Adidas Adipowers. These shoes can be used by different weightlifters form beginners to professionals. They are lighter than many others in the same category thus are easy to move around in. This shoe is made of breathable high-quality material and has a hard plastic heel high enough to give you perfect deep squats. It is an all-around choice as it is excellent for both beginners and professionals.

The only downsides are the price and the slim fit. It is important to note that quality comes at a price. The slim fit ensures that your foot is held in place to make lifting more efficient by keeping you stable and the straps offer additional grip for your feet. We highly recommend the Adidas Adipowers to anyone looking for an excellent weightlifting shoe.