People have used an ab roller for a long time thanks to its effectiveness in shaping abs. They are designed to make it easy for you to do ab rollout movement and also make it more efficient. Everyone irrespective of skills level can use these rollers. When used, the rollers exercise a number of muscles including shoulders, upper and lower back, and the arms as well as the bottom part of your abdomen. Rollers are simple and inexpensive. Even then, you have to ensure you get the best to guarantee your workouts yield results. But first, let’s look at what makes a good roller.

Your Ab Roller Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a roller, many factors will influence the quality of workout a roller gives you. With a roller, you can isolate muscle groups and work them out more efficiently. For the advanced user, the roller comes in handy in exercising specific muscles groups. Navy seals and trained athletes use rollers to maintain their body physique and build their cores. Besides making your abs tight, the roller also helps you improve your overall body health.

Rollers are simple devices with a wheel or two wheels and handles. The wheel of the roller will roll inwards and outwards, helping you with ab rollout movement and isolating muscle groups. Handles are created strong enough to hold your entire body weight and offer you a complete workout for your upper body.

Rollers are compact, and you can store them easily at home, you can carry them to the gym as well as when you travel. Most of the rollers are lightweight, and they provide a wide range of exercises. Strengthening your entire core with an ab roller can even help to relieve long-term back pain.

One or Two Wheels?

Rollers will either have one wide wheel or two thin wheels. The single-wheel rollers are the most common. Two wheels can be joined together as one wheel, or they can be two separate wheels. For a smooth in-out movement, the wheels are tightly bound together. When you need stability and to change your balance requirements, double-wheels are the best. Single wheels are less stable, but they are angled and will let you work your abs and obliques better. Instead of going in and out in a straight line, they allow you to change the angles for a better workout.

Handles or Foot Pedals

Besides the hand grips, some rollers are designed with foot pedals. The primary factor to consider on handles is the comfort. The handles should support your body weight and allow the wheel to roll swiftly forward and backward. When you use your muscles in a forward and backward motion, you create an exercise routine that is efficient.

Use Your Roller Optimally

Though rollers are simple machines, they allow you to undertake numerous exercises. Some rollers will be offered with exercises videos to help you craft your workout routine. You can also search for YouTube Videos on how to best use your roller. If your roller has a wide wheel, you can use it solely to exercise your upper body muscles. More advanced users have rollers that look like a pair of dumbbells – you use each roller on each hand, and this lets you work even more muscles. These are difficult to control and may not be ideal for beginners. To get the most out of your roller, you have to combine your workouts with a proper diet.

Features to Consider When Shopping

The Wheel

The wheel should be designed to ensure that you stay balanced throughout the push and give you support while it rolls backward. With a right wheel, you can complete ab rollout movement from the knees or in full rollout position to work your whole upper body. You either need a wheel that will offer you enough balance or one that will allow you to move in angles for a full upper body workout. Move in angles will enable you to work out your obliques.

The Hand Grips

The success of the ab rollout movement will depend on the comfort of the handles. Handles are either plastic or runner. Seeing that your whole weight rests on the handles, it is essential to have the handles comfortable. When the handles are ergonomic, they reduce strain when you are working out the arms, back, and abs. The handles can be straight or curved. Curved handles are ideal when you need to roll out in different angles as they are more ergonomic.

The Internal Mechanism

The internal mechanism of the wheel should offer enough resistance, letting you make an effort and build more muscles. Even with great resistance, the wheel can accommodate beginners as well as advanced users. Depending on the level of resistance, you can start with knee ab rollout movement and work your way to toe ab rollout movement. Extra resistance lets you work out your muscles even more with less ab rollout movement.

Non-Slip Properties

The wheel and handgrips should be fitted with materials such as rubber, which ensures the wheel or the hands do not slide off, this is especially true if you exercise on smooth hard surfaces. Handles with hand grooves are preferred.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro was designed to build your abs fast and efficiently. They are designed with a wide wheel base to stabilize your ab rollout movement. With a single wheel, the roller allows you to move inwards or outwards in different angles to work out a high number of muscles. Inside the wheel, the roller is fitted with a carbon spring, making each movement effective and swift. The spring also adds resistance when you move outwards, and offers added support when you roll inwards, and this lets you build more muscles by exercising less and also create a kinetic engine.

The rubberized hand grips are comfortable and non-slip. Their ergonomic design alleviates strain when you are working out. You are offered foam knee pads for extra comfort during a workout. Each knee pad is made of high-density foam to ensure they maintain their shape over time. With this roller, you can complete toe ab rollout movement with great ease, for even better workouts.

This ab roller is accompanied by a digital download that offers a 21-day workout regimen to provide you with fast results. According to the manufacturer, the roller was created by a Navy seal, making it effective in exercising your core and achieve a flat stomach.

  • Offered with a guide on best exercises for 21 days
  • Comes with knee pads for comfort during a workout
  • Highly stable thanks to the wide wheel
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handles
  • Sports a bulky design

Valeo Ab Roller

The Valeo Dual Ab wheel sports a simple, yet practical design. The roller has two wheels tightly bound together to offer a stable no-skid rollout on any floor surface. It features a metal bar, for a handle. The metal is covered with grooved rubber, for comfort and ergonomics. While the wheel is not designed to move in different angles, it allows you to build your core while strengthening your arms and your back. It is ideal for knee and toe ab rollout movement, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Each wheel is made of sturdy plastic material and covered with non-slip rubber grips. With their tight fitting, the wheels give you excellent control of the roller during ab rollout movement. Each wheel is securely locked into place, ensuring they do not move during a workout. If you are starting out, this is an excellent wheel for you thanks to its great stability and enhanced comfort. Again, its metal bar makes it highly durable while its overall design makes it easy to use. It is compact and lightweight.

  • The two-wheel design makes it stable
  • Highly durable
  • Fitted with rubberized wheels and handles for comfort
  • Does not move in different angles

Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel

The Iron Gym Abdominal Roller Wheel is a tremendous single-wheel budget roller. It is also compact and allows a wide variety of exercises. Besides, the wheel is delivered with a workout video from a professional, letting you get started with ease and build your six packs in no time. It is a core trainer designed to tone your abs, your oblique’s, and upper and lower body. You can also use it to exercise your shoulders, neck, and arms.

The wheel is designed with an interior steel coil that adds resistance when you are moving outwards and great support and control when you are rolling inwards. The wheel is wide enough to offer balance to beginners. Its curved design lets you roll in different angles for a full body workout and efficiency. The wheel and the handles are rubberized to make them non-slip and offer more comfort, this gives you control over the movement and reduces the risk of injury. The handles are curved downwards, enhancing their ergonomics and letting you exercise more efficiently.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • The wheel and the handles are made of a non-slip material
  • Ideal for full body workouts
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Relatively less durable

Elite Sportz Pub Ab Wheel

This roller is made with double wheels. The wheels are not so close together unlike most units on the market. This makes them more stable and gives you more balanced ab rollout movement. Even with its two-wheel design, the roller allows you to engage in a long list of exercises. You can use it for knee ab rollout movement as well as toe ab rollout movement. It comes fully assembled with comfortable rubberized handles. The handles and wheel are made with a combination of hard plastic and comfortable rubber. The combination offers you a comfortable and non-slip grip.

On the product website, you are offered handy ‘how to’ videos, letting you form and tone abs fast and with great ease. The Elite Sportz unit is made with a straight handle connecting the two wheels. This handle is made of metal, making the roller long lasting. The manufacturer promises to give your money back the roller doesn’t meet your expectations.

  • Features two wheels with a gap between them for utmost stability
  • Accompanied by exercise videos
  • Long lasting
  • Cannot move at different angles

PharMeDoc Ab Wheel

If you are on a budget and still need a quality roller, the PharMeDoc Ab Wheel will be a good choice. It sports a two-wheel design for enhanced stability, allowing you to work out your whole body with great ease. You can work out your abs, shoulders, hips, triceps, legs, and back. The wheel is designed sturdy and durable, ensuring that it does not break even under strenuous pressure. It will slide across the surface without wobbling and without slipping. The rubberized handles feature grooves where you place your fingers comfortably.

The roller is compact and light in weight, this makes it easy to pack to the gym or when you are traveling. The manufacturer offers you 100 percent money-back guarantee with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Generous 10-year warranty
  • Comfortable non-slip handles and non-slip wheel
  • Great price
  • Made of plastic, which is less durable


Ab wheels are simple, but they can allow you to engage in a long list of exercises. When you are shopping, consider where you will be using the roller and your daily exercise routine. A good roller should let you isolate muscles and workout your full upper body.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is the winner in this roundup. It is a single-wheel roller with curved ergonomic handles. Its wide wheel makes it stable while allowing you to move it in different angles for a full body workout.