Are you looking for the best casein protein to help you gain muscles and recover quickly? Are you unsure of where to start or what to look for in the product? You have come to the right place! The following is a guide and a review of the best casein proteins on the market, which will suit all your needs.

A Guide To Casein Protein

Is Protein Powder Even Necessary?

Getting enough protein to build or sustain muscle can be hard work when you’re relying solely on food. Most guys will need to anywhere between 175-225 grams of protein daily depending on their goals. To do this many of us turn to supplements to get to this goal. But ultimately they aren’t necessary.

It is definitely possible to get all the protein you need from natural food sources. Protein powders just enable you to get what you need more efficiently.

And while there are some benefits related to taking casein, in particular, you could totally still consume a source like cottage cheese that is rich in casein.

However for those of us that are looking for a convenient and efficient way to get our casein let’s take a look at what casein is, how it can help build more muscle, and what we should be looking for in a good casein protein.

What is Casein Protein?

Casein, like whey, is a dairy protein derived from milk. It is a whole protein that releases all the necessary amino acids that your body requires for building and repair of muscles as well as body tissues. This happens through slow digestion, a characteristic that ideally slows down catabolism or muscle disintegration.

The protein comes in several types including micellar, which is the minimally altered form with casein molecules left in their original structure; and hydrolysate, which is a predigested form that is easy to absorb. During the process, this protein is hydrolyzed into simpler peptides for faster results. It is also more expensive than micellar casein.

How is it Different from Whey Protein?

You may be more familiar with whey protein. Whey is a fast acting protein which makes it perfect for post workout meals. Whey and casein are both complete proteins sourced from dairy products. Milk actually made up of 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey.

The main difference between casein and whey is their absorption rate. Whey is digested significantly faster than casein. It penetrates into your bloodstream quicker and increases blood amino acids levels rapidly for excellent post-workout results.

Casein, on the other hand, is slowly released into the bloodstream. Its rate of releasing amino acids is slow and in small amounts over an extended period. This is particularly beneficial when you’re in between meals and when you’re sleeping.

What are the Benefits of Taking Casein Protein?

The benefits of casein protein are numerous. First of all, it is a great way to allow your body to hit the daily requirements of proteins. If your diet doesn’t have enough of the protein the body needs, casein protein will suffice. Consequently, it provides your body with a complete profile of amino acids.

You’ll Get Your Required Protein Easier

As we stated before, protein powders are a convenient way to get the right amount you need to build muscle. And because it’s beneficial to take casein at the end of the day, you can always feel at ease that you’ll still have 25 to 40 grams of protein to cap off your daily numbers.

You’ll Feel Fuller Longer In Between Meals

As mentioned casein protein is absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower rate than other proteins. Not only will casein give you a sustained dose of amino acids for hours, but it will also make you feel more satiated.

Compared to other protein powders, casein is a lot thicker when mixed into liquids. This makes it feel a lot “heavier” in your stomach and in turn, makes you feel fuller longer.

Because of this casein protein is not only great for building more muscle but it can also indirectly help with fat loss by making you feel less hungry and hopefully eat less.

You’ll Potentially Build More Muscle

Eating the right amount of protein is essential to building and preserving mass. But most of us already know that. However, if you’re already working hard in the gym and doing everything you need to with your diet, ingesting casein protein before you go to sleep can help you build more muscle.


Why Casein Is Best for Building Muscle While You Sleep

During sleep, after an intense exercise, the body releases testosterone and other growth hormones that rebuild the muscle tissue. But even though your body is primed to build muscle while you sleep, often times you will not have all the right ingredients to get the job done.

If you eat your last meal a few hours before going to bed and then sleep for 7-9 hours, your body will have digested most of your food, and if there is no other infusion of nutrients for the rest of the night, then protein synthesis is put on hold. The best way to avoid such low protein synthesis rate is by eating casein protein (or another slow digesting protein source like egg protein). It will supply your body with the right amounts of amino acids for muscle repair.

Casein’s slow digestion is also perfect as it ensures that the body continues repairing and building the muscle tissue throughout the long stretch of time that you’re sleeping.

How to Use Casein Protein

Typically, taking casein protein has no particular way. It can be consumed on its own, that is, if you can handle it, you can drink with a smoothie, in shakes, in a bowl of oatmeal, or mixed with pudding or ice cream. Whichever your preference is, the effect is the same. It should not be considered as the primary source of protein, but a supplemental source of protein with a diet. It is not rich in other nutrients and vitamins that other sources of proteins have.

Before you go to sleep

The consumption of casein before bed, as already mentioned, supplies your body with the required amino acids to enable muscle building. Before going to bed, casein is much better when consumed in foods like protein brownies or cookies, mug cakes as well as any other dessert type.

How to Find the Best Casein?

There are so many types of protein casein products on the market, making it difficult to choose the best one that suits all your needs. They have different textures, tastes, amounts of casein as well as other considerations to make. Here are things to factor in before making that purchase.

Purpose of Consumption

There are protein powders that are blended with lots of fats and sugars and therefore contain lots of calories. Similarly, there are those that are made of 100 percent pure protein supplements. I typically prefer a supplement that is primarily made up of protein. Whether I’m cutting, bulking or maintaining, I much rather just have close to pure protein at the end of the day and saving any other carbs and fats for other meals/treats. It also gives me the flexibility to add any fats and sugars as I see fit so I can build my own “meal replacement” with my customized macros.


Before buying any casein protein product, you should pay close attention to its quality. Some of the highest-quality products contain pure and natural protein powder. Pay close attention to protein by weight. Each serving should contain significant amounts of complete proteins, which means that it includes all the essential amino acids your body needs to gain muscles. In a nutshell, consider the quality and the percentage of casein protein content that corresponds to your body weight. This research shows the recommended amounts.

Also, cleanliness matters regarding quality. You might want to stay away from those products containing artificial sweeteners, colors and other additives. While the adverse effects of artificial sweeteners and food colors may be a bit overblown, the jury is still out on the subject. And if you’re going to be taking something every single day, I think it’s best to be a little conservative and avoid the artificial stuff.

Lactose Intolerance

Some people have bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance. If you are one of them, or you are buying a casein product for someone who has this problem, you should choose a product that has no lactose sugars, dextrins, maltodextrins, and any other artificial sweeteners. Also, if you have sensitivity or allergy towards gluten, don’t choose those protein powders that contain them.


The reputation of the company is as important as the quality of the product. Look at a company that has been in the business for not less than three years, and that their products have lots of positive reviews online. The test of time of the product matters a lot. This is a good indication that the company is somewhat reputable.

I also like to look for companies that back up their claims with good scientific research. And you should place a major emphasis on the word good. It’s been a new trend for everyone to claim that their supplements are “backed by science.” However, a lot of times companies are relying on poorly designed studies, or they’re cherry picking info to make a point in their favor.

Optimum Nutrition Natural Casein

Optimum Nutrition Natural Casein has for a while been recognized for its exceptional dietary supplements. It is made with significant amounts of micellar casein, about 24grams in each serving and about five grams of branched-chain amino acids. This is crucial in maximizing protein synthesis, allowing you to increase your workout intensity. Its effect on amino acids release can last for up to eight hours.

Optimum Nutrition Natural Casein contains enough glutamine, ideal for muscle recovery as well as the daily recommended amount of calcium. With each serving, you get a gram of fiber, some fat, carbohydrates, and sufficient calories. The better part is how it mixes with water, milk, or juice. You can use a blender for the best results.

This particular supplement also comes in a variety of flavors. It tastes sweet, and if you are a fan of chocolate, lucky you! The flavors include mint chocolate chip, chocolate supreme, chocolate cake batter, and chocolate peanut butter. But if you are more into fruity flavors, there is banana and strawberry cream. It is also versatile, fits both men and women.

• Keeps you feeling full for long
• Thicken up your shakes, is tasty and smooth
• Highly effective
• Doesn’t easily blend with some liquids
• Too sweet compared to other brands for some

Bulk Supplements Pure Casein

This is another casein protein product that comes with a low absorption rate. It contains high amounts of protein powder and phosphorous. It is famous among many athletes because of its effect that remains perpetual in the muscles. The amino acid penetrates the bloodstream at a consistent rate as the digestion gradually progresses.

The BulkSupplements Pure Casein makes an excellent choice for a source of proteins and calcium to fuel your daily requirements. It is clean and natural. The ingredients are pure, natural, and free of harmful additives.

What makes it highly efficient is the slow absorption rate and digestion. This feature makes BulkSupplements Pure Casein ideal for muscle building as well as recovery after intense exercises. It blends well with many types of shakers, and the recommended serving contains enough calcium required by the body on a daily basis.

• It is smooth, creamy, and it comes with no fillers, additives or flavors
• Contains daily recommended amounts of calcium
• Mixes easily with a variety of liquids
• If you love sweetened or flavored supplements, this product is not your choice
• Users claim it is a bit chalky

Naked Casein

The Naked Casein supplement provides you the faith of pure casein protein that is exclusively sourced in the US farms. It uses the skim milk to bring out the best of micellar casein. It is free of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and being moderately treated with no acid, high heat, or even bleach, it promises nothing but intact proteins and excellent performance.

This supplement enjoys lots of positive reviews, and while it comes pure and natural, it is unflavored. When mixed with just water, the taste is unpleasant and will require some getting used to. You can blend it with smoothies or coconut water, it will taste just fine.

It comes in handy for muscle gain and recovery, thanks to the branched chain amino acids and the pure proteins. Nevertheless, the absence of milk, soy, or eggs makes it the best for exercise. There are no artificial additives in case you are allergic to them. It has the best value for money.

• Pure casein protein
• It is natural, has no additives, and virtually no side effects
• Contains ample amounts of vital proteins and BCAA
• Not so tasty, especially with water only
• Doesn’t mix so well as noted by some users

Dymatize Elite Micellar Casein

This Dymatize product is a composition of pure micellar casein. It contains twenty-four grams of protein in each serving, some calories as well as a full complete amino acids profile including 5.4 grams of branched amino acids. It can serve to a total of 50 times and is a guarantee for comprehensive and sustained amounts of amino acids that aid in muscle growth and recovery.

The supplement also contains enough servings of precursors, BCAAs, glutamine, and the daily requirement of calcium. Although some users claim it doesn’t mix so well, used with smoothies or shakes in a blender produces much better results.

If you are looking for something that will make you stand out in your fitness programs, this is the product. It doesn’t contain any banned substances and is free from gluten. It has an option of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, cream and cookies, chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon bun. For the most part, these tastes are well lauded.

• Provides an efficient and sustained growth and repair of muscles throughout the night
• Offers a significant amount of casein protein per scoop, with minimal carbs or fats
• Flavors are average
• Needs a shaker to mix well

MuscleTech Platinum Casein

The MuscleTech Platinum Casein is a plain micellar casein protein powder that doesn’t contain any extras like calcium caseinate or milk protein. It is one supplement that will not take you long to like it. With gourmet milk chocolate flavoring, it has everything you need to know if you are on the hunt for a casein protein that will build your muscles and help you recover and relax with ease throughout the night.

As a product with excellent results, it comes with one of the purest and the finest form of micellar protein and casein. There are significant amounts of BCAAs, glutamine, and proteins according to the industry standards and recommendations. It is easy to mix in shakes, tastes relatively well, and has a slow absorption rate.

MuscleTech Platinum Casein protein releases the broken down amino acids consistently and for long hours – up to eight hours – allowing you to stay energetic and not wasted even after intense exercises. It also has an excellent value for money.

• It is a high-quality anti-catabolic protein with the best performance
• Comes with a good flavor
• Excellent value for money
• The consistency is a bit grainy, which might be tricky for new users


Optimum Nutrition Natural Casein is the best casein protein powder in our opinion. It garners the nod for a variety of reasons. It is a pure and natural protein powder with a serving that is enough to give you a beautiful rest during bedtime. Also, it helps you feel satiated for long and allows your muscle to retain their mass and recover quickly during an intense workout. It contains no harmful additives, has a good value for money and it enjoys lots of positive reviews. Still, the other products are no less good. Whichever choice you make you are sure to get what you are looking for in casein protein products.