When you need to work your entire upper body at home, pull up bars are an ideal training equipment. These bars are very useful, yet they are inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use. Anyone interested in building their physique can use them. There are different forms of home pull-up bars. In a nutshell, these bars are made of a metal frame with a rubber or foam grip on their handle and a means of installation. The best pullup bar does not take much space and can be attached to a wall, doorframe, or the ceiling. Below is a guide to choosing a bar that meets your needs.

Why Pullup Bars?

Pull-ups are considered to have a magical impact on the upper body. By performing pull-ups regularly, you can change your physique entirely. You will build the muscles in your arms, transform your back and shoulders muscles while achieving a good posture, shape your chest, and your arms. It is also an excellent way to keep your overall body health.

Which Bar Fits You?


There are three basic types of pull-up bars to choose from. Your height and weight will determine the bar you choose. Other factors will include the nature of the surface you need to install the pull-up bar on. You can choose between:

Doorway Pull Up Bar

True to its name, installation of this bar is between frames where it hangs, letting you work out with ease. This bar is easy to move and store away, seeing that it attaches to the door frame. However, the bar is probably more suitable for smaller people as it is limited by the maximum weight it can hold.

Free Standing Pullup Bar

This type of bar is a more comprehensive gym equipment. It does not need to be installed as it typically comes ready to use as its name suggests. On this unit, you can do other exercises such as dips and situps, giving you a full body workout. Choose this type of a pull-up bar if you do not mind the price. The bars are also challenging to dismantle and are bulkier to store. You’ll also need a dedicated space to use this in your home.

Wall-mounted pullup bar

You can easily screw this bar into a wall. This is a good bar if the doorway bar and the free-standing bars do not accommodate your height. A somewhat disadvantage is that this bar is a permanent fixture and cannot be detached from the wall on a daily basis. If you choose to buy this, select a brick wall to attach it away from a lot of traffic.

Choosing a Good Bar – Factors to Consider

There are hundreds of pull up bar brands and models on the market. After you have chosen the right bar type, you will need to consider other factors to ensure you have a bar that matches your workout needs, to do that, there are many factors to consider including:


Choose a bar with a solid metal frame. To be on the safe side, choose steel bars preferably with a smooth finish.

Grip Adjustment

First off, the handles and grips of the bar should be comfortable. The grips need to be adjustable, letting you switch between narrow and wide grip options. With this option, you get a bar that meets your physical stature.

Height Adjustability

This is especially true for free-standing bars, which might not be designed to fit all people. Besides height, the bar should have an adjustable width to fit all people.

Weight Capacity

Your weight will determine the bar you choose. Preferably, pick a bar with the highest weight capacity, so, an entire family can use it.

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar

The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar is a wall mounted bar designed to offer you a full body workout to help you maintain your body fitness without going to the gym. It is easy to install and comes with all needed installation hardware. You can install it on any flat wall surface. It is engineered relatively long, and it extends up to 20 inches from the wall. This allows enough space for people of all statures to do pull-ups without injuries from the wall.

On the handles, the bar is fitted with padded foam grips. This makes it comfortable for you to handle and ensures your hands do not slip when you are working out. The bar is engineered from heavy gauge steel, making it highly durable and enhancing its usability in different situations. You can adjust the grips of this bar based on your stamina. You do narrow, medium, or wide grip pull-ups as you progress with this bar.

  • Made of heavy gauge steel, for durability and sturdiness
  • Foam pads make it comfortable and non-slip
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Poor installation instructions

Iron Gym Total Upper-body Workout Bar

The Iron Gym Workout bar comes as a simple wall mount pull up bar designed for people of all sizes. It is reputed for its ergonomic design and its ease of installation. This bar is one of the most popular ones because you can install it on almost any door. Once assembled, it slides into your door frame and uses leverage to hold it in place. When installed correctly, the bar can be used to build different muscles, enhance body posture, and generally improve health.

The bar has three grip positions, letting you adjust the intensity of your workouts. You can start from a narrow grip position designed for newcomers, to the medium position, and finally the widest position for the most intense workouts. The bar is made of tough steel, making it sturdy and highly durable. This also ensures that even the heaviest people can use it. It accommodates up to 300 pounds, which covers nearly everyone including the overweight. You can use the bar on the floor for pushups, making it highly versatile. This is a budget bar, which lets you do pull-ups and pushups efficiently.

  • Super easy installation
  • Highly versatile
  • Made of tough steel to accommodate up to 300 pounds
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • The foam on the handles might need to air for a few days

Ultimate Body Press Joist-Mount Pullup Bar

The Ultimate Body Press Joist-Mounted is a door pull up bar engineered to offer a host of exercises for your muscles. This bar is simple in all aspects, from its design to its installation and use. You will be provided installation hardware and installation guide with the unit, letting you fix the nuts and bolts just as they are supposed to be. It is fitted with relatively thick form, making it highly comfortable and non-slip. Like other bars in its category, the Ultimate Body Press Joist-Mount Pullup Bar sports a heavy gauge steel construction. Granted, it accommodates everyone irrespective body weight.

Once installed, this bar can be used as an anchor for a variety of exercises. You can buy accessories such as gymnastic rings to better your workout. You can adjust the grip on the bar to as narrow or as wide as you need them. This lets you increase or decrease the intensity of the pull-ups to tone your muscles fast. The bar sports a simple, but efficient design.

  • Easy to install with all mounting hardware included
  • Thick foam for more comfort and firmer grip
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises
  • The foam fitted cannot withstand outdoor use

Maximum Muscle Trainer Pull Up and Chin Up Bar

The Maximum Muscle Trainer Pull Up, and Chin Up Bar is an easy to use, inexpensive bar engineered to offer you quality and diversified workout. It is a wall mounted bar with a simple and easy to install setup. You can install it on dry brick walls or wood beams. Each unit is offered with installation hardware and installation guide so you can start using it instantly. It sports adjustable studs, which let you shift the grips as you need, for intense workouts. The grips extend from a minimum of 16 inches to a max of 24 inches. True to its name, this bar supports pull ups and chin ups among other exercises. You can add accessories to it to increase the number of workouts even more.

Once installed, this bar is used to tone the upper body including the chest, arms, biceps, back, shoulders, and other parts. The bar accommodates up to 400 pounds, which is enough to allow even the obese to exercise. It is extendable from the wall, letting heavier people perform pull-ups without the risk of injury.

  • Made of high-quality steel to accommodate up to 400 pounds
  • Great price for its quality
  • Allows full upper body work out
  • Relatively short frame

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is one of the most versatile pull up bars. It is offered in different designs including Elite, Pro, Original, and Sport. This is a doorway mounted bar that can be used for a long list of workouts including pull-ups, sit-ups, and dips thanks to its portability. The bars are engineered to target muscles of the arms, core, back, and chest. Each unit is fitted with heavily padded handles and allows up to three grip positions. This lets you vary the intensity of workouts to meet your training needs.

The bar is made of steel and accommodates up to 300 pounds. This makes them ideal for use with weight vests and people a little on the heavier side. The compact nature of this unit makes it easy to store away and install in tight spaces. If you order the Pro version, you get an extra wide grip position. The Elite version sports a curved and ergonomic wide grip. You can place these bars on the floor for situps and dips. The Pro, Elite, and Original versions are fitted with door frame guards with heavy foams. Installation does not require drilling and dismantling the unit is also easy. The bars fit on doors between 27 and 35 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. After installation, you can adjust the frame for different heights.

  • Different models offered to accommodate the needs of all users
  • Designed for different upper body workouts
  • Easy to install with no drilling and easy to dismantle for storage
  • Not ideal for very tall people


Iron Gym Total Upper-body Workout Bar is the best pullup bar in this roundup. It is a doorway mounted bar with a simple design. Its design makes it comfortable, thanks to the thick foam pads, and easy to use. It is a bar for full body workouts, and it accommodates many users. You can vary the intensity of your, and you can as well perform chins ups and dips.

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