Most dip belts have only a few differences. These differences, however, can mean a lot when you are working out. The best dip belts should evolve as your workouts do and should be made of a material that matches your lifting styles. The belt is supposed to fit comfortably around the waist with or without weights attached to it. Put plainly. The belt should hold any amount of weight you need it to hold and still stay secured to its position on your waist. Below is a simple guide to help you choose a good belt.

Why Do You Need a Dip Belt?

Dip belts are simple exercise equipment used to hang extra weight during pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and squats. The belts sport a simple design similar to the conventional weightlifting belt, but they have a chain attached to their front. This chain lets weights hang between the legs during pull-ups and dips.

Originally, dip belts were engineered to hang barbell plates. Given the different chain designs on today’s belts, you can hang anything on the belts as long as the weight has a handle. The use of these different chains means you can attach a bottle of water, a bag of stones, or anything else that can be secured to the chain using a carabineer. A carabineer refers to the simple clip that secures ropes during rock climbing.

When you attach the weights well, the belt spreads the load evenly across the hips. Unlike conventional weightlifting belts, dip belts do not wrap entirely around your waist, but instead, have bands that offer extra support to spread the weight evenly. Many people dislike thin belts because they slip off easily. Again, they might be uncomfortable when you are lifting heavy weights as they do not evenly spread the load on your lower back.

Adjusting Dip Belts

Most of the belts are not adjustable after buckling. However, the chain on which the weights are attached is adjustable. To change how low or high the weight hangs, shorten or lengthen the chain. Chains with clips on one end are easy to shorten as they can be wrapped around the weight more.

Some dip belts sport an adjustable waist strap. Look for belt specifications to see which belt has a waist strap. There are belts with multiple clip points for the chain. Note that when the weight is hanging low, it throws you off balance. To stay free of injuries during exercise, ensure that the weight hangs correctly.

How Much Weight Can You Attach to a Dip Belt?

The material of construction and the stitching type determine the weight capacity of a dip belt. Professional dip belts can hold up to 1000 pounds, and some even more, without breaking. Whether you view leather as the most durable material, some cheap quality leather belts have been designed for budget buyers. Some belts are designed to hold up to 3000 pounds. But the average person does not need anything close to that weight.

Types of Dip Belts

Nylon Belts

Nylon belts are very strong. They are, however, loved for their snug fit. Their flexibility lets them wrap securely and safely around the hips. Compared to other materials, nylon feels comfortable.

Leather Belts

For a long time Leather dip belts have been used. Most people still use leather belts for all their pull-ups and dips. Leather belts can lift enough weight and can accommodate wear and tear. Some leather belts are padded with faux wool or a similar material.

Factors to Consider When Shopping


Most of the belts on the market are one-size fit for all. This kind of sizing works well with most individuals except those with a small frame. If you are relatively slim, you need to choose a belt that is adjustable to ensure you have a snug fit. The belt should still fit with a weight attached.

Weight Connection

On most belts, weight hangs on a chain, which is attached on one or both sides of the belt. In most cases, the chain is attached on both sides via a carabineer. The carabineer is then joined to the belt using the D-rings on the belt. This makes it easy for you to add or remove weights in the middle of a set. On some belts, weights are attached via weight pins while some have fabric straps to hang weight plates.

Weight Capacity

In most cases, you will need a few hundred pounds of weight, something that most belts on the market can handle. Nevertheless, you still need to check the weight capacity of a belt as you might need to hang more weight as you move to a higher exercise level.

Chain length and chain attachments

On most belts, the chains are about 30 inches long. The length of the chain you choose will depend on how low you need the weights to hang. To be on the safe side, choose a belt chain that is adjustable.

Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt

This belt is a great option when you need a comfortable and secure belt that sports a classic design. It is made of polypropylene with a contoured design. It stands as one of the highest selling belts and has been on the market for a long while. The belt is highly durable and strong enough to hold more than 100 pounds. Again, it has enough space on its chain to fit more than a few weights, which is suitable if you keep adding weights as you exercise.

Each unit is fitted with heavy padding, making it comfortable. Its 34-inch steel chain enhances its durability and strength when you are exercising. These features, coupled with speed clips make this belt a good bargain.

  • Padded for comfort
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Great value for money
  • The clip can become undone sometimes

Brute Nylon Belt

The Brute Belt comes as a representative of modern dip belts. It sports a non-slip grip that makes it comfortable during use. If you are looking for a versatile dip belt, this is a good option. It is designed with eight loops along its length, letting you hang more weights and engage in varied exercises. Even better, it sports an adjustable dip strap, allowing you to adjust how low weights hang. It gives you great flexibility whether you are doing pull-ups, dips, or squats. There are two colors to choose from.

This belt was designed to offer comfortable workouts while allowing you to undertake different exercises. Its wide design ensures that it does not dig into your back by distributing the load evenly. Its sleek design gives it mobility when you need to attach multiple weights.

  • Highly versatile and easy to strap on and off
  • Sleep design gives it a balance when weights are attached
  • Strong to hold up to 270 pounds
  • Relatively less durable

Spud Inc. Yellow Dip Belt

The Spud Inc. Dip Belt sports a unique design that separates it from other belts on the market. It sports a webbing design geared towards enhancing its durability and weight capacity. The belt can handle more than 200 pounds with great ease. The nylon webbing used to make this belt is highly durable and strong.

It is fitted with a relatively long steel chain, which can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user. The chain is attached on both sides of the belt. If you are looking for a belt that will offer you longevity, the Spud Inc. Dip Belt has impressive quality. Its impressive design, durability, and high weight limit make this belt a good choice. However, its price is relatively high.

  • Durable webbing design
  • Looks stylish
  • Extra long chain
  • Relatively expensive

Body Solid NB56 Dipping Belt

If you are at an advanced exercise state and need to add more than 100 pounds weight on a dip belt, the Body Solid NB56 Dipping Belt is an ideal choice for you. It is designed with a relatively long chain with beveled edges, making it comfortable to use at all times. It gives you a more significant challenge in the gym by letting you add as much weight as you need. It is also a budget belt, giving you value for money.

The beveled edges of the belt ensure it does not grab your shirt and or your skin, and this saves you from bruises. Its width ensures it does not dig into your back even after placing the highest weight. Its long chain lets you add a high number of weights.

  • Long chains to hold many weights
  • Strong nylon construction to support more than 100 pounds
  • Beveled edges for comfort
  • No fastener, you slip in and slip off.

MiR Lifting Belt

The MiR Lifting Belt is made of reinforced padded nylon. This makes it long lasting and comfortable to use. Its design allows quick adjustment, fitting people of different sizes and minimizing the movement of weights. Its sleek design has made a favorite of many users besides enhancing its looks. When worn, the belt does not slip or twist. Its padding and its wide back support reduces swing and distributes the load evenly. It gives you a comfortable feel whether you are putting it on or removing it.

  • The padded design makes the belt comfortable
  • Reinforced nylon makes it durable
  • Good grip, reducing slipping and twisting during use
  • Relatively short chain at 24 inches
  • Relatively low weight capacity


The Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt is at the top of the best dip belts on this roundup. The belt, which is made of polypropylene, sports a comfortable design and is strong enough to hold more than 100 pounds. It is highly versatile and features a long chain. You can use it for pull up, dips, squats, and in a variety of other exercises that require a dip belt. It has a steel chain with carabineers, making it easy for you to attach weights. It spreads the weight evenly on your hips and lower back, letting you work out without it digging into your skin.

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