CrossFit shoes are versatile enough to withstand a formidable array of challenges associated with CrossFit training. Despite this benefit, you may find it hard to pick a good pair of the choices sold in stores. That is why we have suggested tips and reviewed the top five pairs to help you make an educated purchasing decision.

Why Would You Want To Purchase Crossfit Shoes For Your Workouts?

Crossfit shoes keep you comfortable

We all know that comfort is essential when working out. Just like most sports shoes, CrossFit shoes have a generously padded insole, a shock absorbing sole, and a cushioned but breathable interior. These features merge to give you the comfort you need to complete the demanding CrossFit workouts.

CrossFit shoes can improve your performance

Cross fit shoes can potentially improve your performance since they are constructed to offer balance & stability, as well as s support your feet. The support and stability you need to carry on with the most demanding CrossFit training sessions without compromise.

CrossFit shoes keep you safe

Health experts say that the right pair of CrossFit shoes can be a great way to mitigate the increased risk of injuries like anterior knee pain, falls, and ankle rolls, which result from CrossFit’s rapid and intense movements.

Unique from your ordinary pair of sports shoes, CrossFit shoes offer adequate ankle support to protect you from ankle rolls, and their non- slip rubber outsoles protect you from falls.

How To Choose The Best Crossfit Shoes

The market offers several types of CrossFit shoes that differ depending on ergonomics, price, and durability. Though these shoes come with a promise of being the best in the market, only a few will undoubtedly hold their promise.

For that reason, you ought to shop wisely to avoid cheap pairs that might be uncomfortable, unsafe, and delicate. Below, are some of the qualities that can help you pick a good pair from the not- so- good.


For safety purposes, it would be imperative to shop around for shoes’ whose outer soles have reliable traction to protect you from trips and falls that might arise when working out in hazardous environments.


The best CrossFit shoe is that constructed from a durable upper and sole to resist the wear resulting from regular use and abuse. Some of the options you would consider are those designed from a rubber sole and a synthetic upper with multi-directional reinforcement.

Besides being sturdy, good CrossFit shoes should be breathable, and their sole should be rigid enough to keep your feet glued to the ground when doing big compound lifts [].

Stability and flexibility

Since CrossFit entails a mix of weight training and agility movements, we advise that you shop around for training shoes that offer the stability and freedom of movement you need to complete the demanding training session.


Your local climate matters a lot when looking for the right pair of CrossFit shoes since the sport is not confined to a controlled indoor environment. Therefore, you ought to invest in a pair designed for the particular climatological conditions in your area.


The multiple pairs of CrossFit shoes sold out there range from the most affordable to the wildly expensive. While these choices give you the freedom to buy shoes that fall within your budget, we suggest that you avoid unreasonably cheap shoes since they might be flimsy and or uncomfortable.

Can You Use Your Regular Running Shoes As Crossfit Shoes?

Using your regular running shoes as CrossFit shoes might not be a wise idea since running shoes are not as versatile enough to withstand the rigors resulting from the multiple disciplines involved in CrossFit.

On that account, running shoes would not provide the essential support, stability, and protection you need when doing the challenging CrossFit movements. For instance, running shoes running shoes have light soles that offer minimal support to keep you comfortable when engaged in heavy and sharp movements.

The post on this link sheds more light on why you should not use your running shoes as CrossFit shoes.

Nike Metcon 4 Training Shoes

The Nike Metcon 4 is the latest release in the company’s popular cross training series. Building off of what was already one of (if not the best) in the market, Nike improved the Metcon 4’s over its predecessors to make an all-around great CrossFit option.

The Metcon 4 features a mesh construction with Nike’s Flywire technology, which locks down your feet while still keeping the shoe lightweight and breathable. The shoe also features some classic Metcon cues, like the TPU heel, and a sole that wraps up the side of the shoe for increased grip for movements like rope climbs.

All in all, Nike improved what was already an excellent shoe. They addressed the toe box fit, and by making the heel firmer, it really becomes a great shoe for all your strength and power movements.

The only drawback is the firmer heel does make it a little less comfortable on cardio movements like running. However, that’s an acceptable trade-off for all the benefits gained on your other movements.

  • Extremely firm and stable for big lifts
  • Thin heel for a flat, stable feel
  • Extra grip for when it’s needed
  • Flywire tech keeps foot stable but still lightweight
  • A little pricey
  • Firm heel not ideal for running

NIKE Men’s Metcon 3 Training Shoes

Nike’s Metcon 3 training shoes are designed from a premium rubber sole and a sturdy, but lightweight embroidered top to last for quite a reasonable time. As such, this pair would be a good deal for physical enthusiasts who train on a regular basis.

In addition to the sturdy construction, this pair of shoes features a generously cushioned drop-in the midsole that keeps your feet firm and comfortable during the most demanding CrossFit workouts like sprinting, rope climbs, and lifting.

For stability purposes, the midsoles are rigid at the heel and flexible at the forefront. This feature lets your feet to flex naturally.

Metcon 3 training shoes’ all-around support gives you the support you need to train with confidence, and the mesh on the heel and ankle shields you from the discomfort resulting from heating.

• Metcon 3’s Flywire cables provide a powerful lockdown
• The pair of shoes is light in weight
• Metcon 3 come in 40 different colors to choose from
• They are reasonably priced
• Metcon 3 provides a firm grip

• Some users complain that the shoes feel wide at the toe end

Reebok Men’s CrossFit Speed TR Cross

Reebok’s CrossFit Speed TR Cross is another great pair of shoes for CrossFit trainers who are looking for a pair that they can use on a regular basis. They are constructed of rubber, a durable material that can survive daily use and abuse for an extended period.

The upper part of these best CrossFit shoes is designed from a durable textile and synthetic material with multiple color variations to help you purchase a pair that complements or matches your unique style.
Other useful features that make up this pair of shoes include the low cut design that lets you wear or remove your shoes with ease, an ultra-soft midsole for enhanced support, and a forefoot cradle.

• Durable enough
• Non- slip sole to protect you from slips and falls
• Comfortable for long workout sessions
• The pair of shoes have a compression sleeve for stability
• Light in weight

• Some complain that they run large

Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 shoe

Similar to its competitors above, Reebok’s CrossFit Nano 6.0 pair of shoes features a sturdy rubber sole and a synthetic upper. This sturdy construction will let you use your shoes for an extended period.

For enhanced safety and durability, Reebok’s CrossFit Nano 6.0 shoe’s sole utilizes the RopePro design with sandpaper textured Kevlar to protect you from trip falls while engaged in the most demanding CrossFit movements.

Other useful features of these shoes include the Kevlar- infused mesh upper for durability, and a generously cushioned and anatomically shaped midsole for enhanced support and comfort.

• Comes in three color variations and sizes to choose from
• They are constructed to last long
• Light in weight
• The fit as expected
• Its lace-up design facilitates secure fitting
• The shoe’s sole flat offers optimal stability
• The breathable upper keeps your feet cool
• Stylishly designed

• Quite pricey
• Limited colors to choose from

Asics Men’s Gel- Fortius TR Shoe

Asics’ gel- Fortius TR shoe would be another excellent option for CrossFit training enthusiasts who are looking for an economical price pair of shoes. The shoe is designed from a sturdy synthetic sole with abrasion-resistant overlays for enhanced durability and protection. Its upper is designed from 100% polyester to withstand regular use and abuse.

In addition to the durable construction, this shoe’s air mesh upper keeps your feet cool when working out, and its gel cushioned interior grants you the comfort you need to work out for prolonged sessions.

Other reasons why we recommend this shoe for our CrossFit readers include the rhino skin toecap that shields your toes from injury, the non- slip traction that protects you from falls, rear foot gel cushioning for ultimate shock absorption.

• Constructed to last long
• Its all-around support design gives you the support you need to perform quick lateral and side- to- side movements.
• Comes in multiple sizes to choose from
• Available in two colors
• Light in weight

• Some people say that the shoe lacks enough space in the toe box

New Balance MX608V4 Training Shoe

If you are on a tight budget, then this pair of shoes from New Balance might be an excellent option for your CrossFit workout sessions. Despite their reasonable price, the MX608V4 training shoes are constructed from durable leather and rubber midsole to defy the wear and tear resulting from the regular and demanding CrossFit workouts.

To keep you comfortable, this pair of training shoes features a generously padded midsole, a dual- density collar, and a padded mesh tongue. These features merge to give you the comfort and support you need to complete your training session.

The CrossFit shoes come in close to twenty color variations to let you choose a color that complements your sports attire and fashion needs.

• Its reasonably sized arch provides adequate heel support
• Lace-up closure for secure fitting
• The pull tab on the shoes’ heel lets you wear your shoe quickly
• Its Abzorb midsole absorbs the impact generated while performing

• Some people complain that the midsole is somewhat uncomfortable


From our review above we pick Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoes as our best choice. Some of the reasons we have ranked this best CrossFit shoe top of the competition include the multiple color choices and sizes that give you the freedom to choose a snug- fitting pair that complements your style. In addition to the numerous color choices, the shoes are designed from premium rubber sole and a sturdy embroidered to withstand the wear resulting from a regular CrossFit workout.

Other features that rank this pair of shoe on top of the competition include the generously cushioned drop-in midsole that keeps your feet comfortable, the all-around support that gives you the support you need to train with confidence and the breathable mesh on the heel and ankle that keeps your feet cool. NIKE Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoes would be a great option for CrossFit enthusiasts who train regularly.

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